【Applicable to All Plans】Are pets allowed to enter the property?
Pets are allowed to enter the property, but they must be kept on a leash, and we ask that you take their waste home with you.
Pets are not allowed inside the Tiny Houses, cabins, or sauna area, but they are permitted to stay on the property, provided they stay outdoors.
【Applicable to All Plans】Can I enter the property just to enjoy the river?
No. To enter the property, guests must have a reservation for at least one of the property's offered plans (day-use or overnight stay). Please note that the river runs straight through the property, so we ask for your understanding.
【Applicable to All Plans】If I become ill with COVID or a variation, is it possible to cancel my reservation after the free cancellation period (including those who have been in close contact with the virus and those who are ill due to fever, etc.)
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the normal cancellation policy will apply.
【Applicable to All Plans】Can I cancel if it rains?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but in the event a guest wishes to cancel after the free cancellation period due to rain, the normal cancellation policy will apply.
Please note that the BBQ Houses have roofs, so even in the event of rain, you can enjoy yourself!

In the case the property decides to close for safety reasons due to typhoon, natural disaster, or any other events that the property deems dangerous, guests will be contacted about cancellation by 17:00 the day before their reservation.
In the case of cancellation by the facility, no cancellation fee will be charged.
【Applicable to All Plans】Do I have to take my garbage home with me?
If you separate your garbage according to the guidelines provided by the property, we will collect it.
(You can bring your own garbage bags, or use the ones for sale on site.)

Please sort your garbage as follows:

1) Burnable trash (disposable chopsticks, paper plates, cigarette butts, etc.)
2) Non-burnable trash (aluminum, trays, etc.)
3) Glass bottles (Please put bottle lids in the garbage for cans)
4) Cans
5) Plastic bottles (Be sure to remove caps and labels and put in non-burnable trash)
6) Food waste and combustible garbage
【Applicable to All Plans】Is smoking permitted on the property?
Smoking is allowed at your BBQ table and in your section of the campsite. Smoking is prohibited in the sauna area and all of the buildings, including all cabins and the lounge.
【Applicable to All Plans】Do you sell firewood and charcoal?
Firewood is available for 600JPY per bundle of softwood and 800JPY per bundle of hardwood. Charcoal is available for 800JPY for 1.5kg and 1,500JPY for 3kg.
【Applicable to Tiny House, Cabin Plans】Is cooking permitted inside the room?
No, cooking is not allowed inside any of the rooms. Upon discovery of any indoor use of cooking equipment, guests may be fined, or, in extreme cases, if the room is unusable asked to pay a business guarantee penalty, so please take appropriate caution.
【Applicable to Tiny House, Cabin Plans】Can I burn mosquito coils or incense in the room?
Unfortunately, we do not allow any items that may cause a fire or leave a scent in the room. If use of any of these items is discovered, guests may be fined, or, in extreme cases, if the room is unusable asked to pay a business guarantee penalty, so please take appropriate caution.
【Applicable to Cabin Plans】What kind of equipment is provided in the rooms?
The cabin accommodations (Bungalow A, B, Yamagoya, AO) at Shizenjin Mura are basically bungalows, which are simple wooden buildings with electricity.
In principle, beds, bedding, and other ammenities (slippers, towels, etc.) are not provided, and only AO has electrical outlets for guest use. If you would like to charge smartphone or other devices, please bring them to the reception along with a charger, and we will charge them for you there.
Please bring your own sleeping gear, or rent a sleeping bag at the reception for 500JPY.
*AO is equipped with air mattresses, sheets, sleeping bags, and pillows.
【Applicable to All Plans】Are there microwaves or refrigerators available for use?
Tiny House and Cabin AO are equipped with mini refrigerators, but all other room types are not. Microwaves are unavailable in room.
【Applicable to All Plans】Do you accept walk-ins?
We do no accept walk-in guests. Please ensure you make a reservation in advance.
In some cases, same-day reservations are possible if there is availablity - for same-day reservations, please contact us via telephone.
【Applicable to All Plans】Is there a cancellation fee?
No cancellation fee will be charged until 5:00 p.m. 8 days prior to the reservation date. Starting from 7 days prior to the reservation date, cancellation fees will be charged as follows: 50% from 7 to 4 days prior to the reservation date, 80% from 3 days prior to the reservation date, and 100% from 2 days prior to the date of the reservation.
For details, please refer to the "Guide" page of our website, or the cancellation policy details on the reservation website.
【Applicable to All Plans】Is there a fee for a change in the number of guests?
No fees will be charged up to 4 days prior to the date of the reservation, but 80% per person will be charged starting 3 days prior to the reservation date, and 100% per person will be charged starting 2 days prior to the date of the reservation.
*The same policy applies to plans that include food.
【Applicable to All Plans】Can I go swimming in the river? Are swimsuits required?
Yes, guests are permitted to swim and enjoy the river. The river on the property is shallow, so even young children can play safely. There is also a water basin upstream that is about 2 meters deep - please take appropriate caution.
Additionally, please note that the water is very cold, even in the summer, so please bring swimsuits and shoes that can get wet, and also consider a change of clothes. Walking around the site in underwear is prohibited.
Please note that the water is very cold even in August. Please bring swimsuits and shoes that can get wet. Walking around the site in your underwear is prohibited.
【Applicable to All Plans】What are the accepted payment methods?
On site payments are limited to cash (Japanese yen) only. When making reservations in advance on our website, depending on the plan, advanced payment by credit card is also available. For those who wish to pay via bank transfer or another method, please contact us directly with any questions.
【Applicable to Day Use BBQ Plans】We are planning to reserve a BBQ plan - can we pitch tents next to the BBQ house?
Your BBQ seat has a roof, so tents are not required. However, for guests who wish to pitch a small tent beside their site, it is permitted so long as it does not encroach on other guests' space.
【Applicable to Day Use BBQ Plans】Can I bring a portable stove or my own pots and pans?
Use of personal cookware on the BBQ grills is prohibited for Day Use BBQ guests. Only guests staying overnight at the campsite are permitted to bring their own cooking/fire-related equipment. For BBQ guests, please use the available rental equipment if necessary.
【Applicable to All Plans】Is it possible to stay for consecutive nights?
Yes, as long as there is availability.
【Applicable to All Plans】Is early check-in or late check-out possible?
Availability of early check-in and late check-out are dependent on the property availability on the day, so please contact the property directly.

Early check-in is available after 11:00 and charged on an hourly basis.
・Tiny House: 1,000JPY per room/hour
・Cabins: 500JPY per person/hour
・Camp: 500JPY per person/hour
・Day Use BBQ: Unavailable
・Day Use Sauna: Unavailable

Late check-out fees are charged on an hourly basis, and is available until 14:00 at the latest. Extension after 14:00 will be charged as an additional night.
・Tiny House: RAMBO 3,000JPY, OVALE 5,000JPY, TRIANGOLO 5,000JPY, ARGO 7,000JPY per person/hour
・Cabins: 500JPY per person/hour
・Camp: 500JPY per person/hour
・Day Use BBQ: 500JPY per person/hour
・Day Use Sauna: Unavailable unless an additional reservation for the following time slot is also made.
【Applicable to All Plans】Can we enjoy the river on the property after checking out?
We can extend your stay after check-out for river activities only for an additional 500JPY per person per hour, however, we may decline your request depending on how crowded it is.
【Applicable to All Plans】Are there showers available?
We have shared shower rooms available for use by reservation at 500JPY/20 minutes per person.
Please note that the last shower reservation time is 21:40 on the day of stay, and availability to reserve is on a first come first served basis.
For those with Tiny House reservations, use of the shower rooms are free and shower amenities are provided. For all other guests, use of the shower rooms are paid, and amenities are not provided, so please prepare accordingly.
Hair dryers are available free of charge in the shower rooms, and shampoo/conditioner/etc. other amenities are available for 300JPY a set.
Please note that shower room service may end early on weekdays, so please be sure to book your time upon check-in.

For those who want to experience the nearest hot spring facilities are about 15 minutes away by car.
Nearest hot spring: Seoto no Yu http://www.seotonoyu.
【Applicable to Camp Plans】What is the size of the tent site area?
The size of a tent site is approximately 7m x 7m. If the size of your tent site is larger than one lot, please make a reservation for two lots.
Please note that we may not be able to reserve two lots for you on the day of your arrival if the property is at capacity, so if you are concerned about tent size, please contact the property in advance.