Stay out of the ordinary

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At Shizenjin Mura, you can stay in our uniquely designed, hotel-inspired Tiny Houses,
our simple and nostalgic Cabins,
or feel the abundance of the natural landscape in full force with a back-to-basics Camp experience.

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Tiny House

Starting from 32,000JPY~ per whole unit

Our Tiny Houses are each designed with a distinctive shape - ensuring that each room has it's own unique atmosphere.
Built entirely from locally sourced lumber and based on the concept of "Local production for local consumption in partnership with local craftsmen," we have crafted minimalist spaces that exude a sense of simplicity and richness.
Each room has its own individuality and embodies the aura of relaxation and healing unique to Shizenjin Mura.

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Starting from 3,000JPY per site

A quiet campsite surrounded by valley and forest. Enjoy a restful stay in the middle of nature so abunant you'll forget you're still in Tokyo.
Each site is approximately 7m to 8m in size, giving you the feeling of being fully immersed in the forest. Please create and enjoy your own origial site using your own gear.

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Starting from 10,00JPY per whole unit

Starting from 10,00JPY per whole unit
Nostalgic cabins located along the valleyside flowing into the Akigawa Valley.
We offer everything from higher-grade cabins to extremely reasonably priced mountain huts so you can fully enjoy the surrounding nature.
You can hear the sound of the river from every cabin and enjoy pairing the tranquility with and outdoor BBQ meal.

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Shared Facilities

Our comunal bathroom facilities are separated by gender, and toilets are fully equipped with heated-seat washlets.
There are also shower rooms with amenities available (free to use depending on accomodation plan), and the communal sink area has hot water and can be used comfortably in all seasons.
Our proudest facility, a reservation-only Private Outdoor Sauna, allows you to experience the rejuvenating power of nature, and is designed for all season use.
Finally, equipped with a permanent stage and power source, Shizenjin Mura is also perfect for music festivals and day events - for more information, please contact the property directly.